Custom Designed 3D Printed Pens [2017 No Lathe Pen Challenge]

Get the 3D designs here:
Get the pens here:

Bill Livolsi over at One Car Workshop challenged the maker community to get creative and try making a pen without a lathe. My original plan failed, so I decided to dive in and spend some time with my new (new to me) 3D printer and see what I could come up with. As you may know, I enjoy designing things in 3D in Fusion 360, so I came up with a couple interesting geometric pen designs, built to fit the ink from a cheap pen.

For more inspiring pen projects, check out the No Lathe Pen Challenge playlist:

For those of you who are interested in the printing details, these were printed in PLA with 100% infill and a high detail resolution. I didn't use automatic supports because they were generated inside the pen body which would have been too hard to remove. Instead the supports were manually placed around the outside and that was sufficient. The hexagon pen was placed flat-side down and only had supports added to the two ends.