Battery Storage and Charging Station

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As a family of four, we have a lot of toys and devices that need batteries in our home. For years we've had our batteries thrown in a drawer. Eventually we started using rechargeable batteries too. We didn't want to give up valuable counter space for the charger though, so it wanders throughout the house. I decided it was time to organize our batteries and charger and put them in one place where we could easily access them, see what we had and what we needed, and free up some space in our junk drawer.

After seeing some similar, simpler battery storage systems online, I came up with a design of my own that was easier to load, big enough to keep regular batteries separate from rechargeables, and gave us some storage space for the charger and other batteries and battery-related supplies.

Energizer Family Battery Charger:
Keyhole Fasteners:
1/2" x 3/4" Aluminum Angle:
Square Rubber Bumpers: