Walnut Box

I recently got some nice hardwood scraps off craigslist, and decided to try my hand at some fancy box-making with my relatively limited tools. This was also a fun excuse to experiment with mixing wood and aluminum as well.

The main box structure is made from walnut and hard maple, accented with aluminum splines on each corner. The interior liner is made with maple sides and a thin sheet of aluminum at the bottom. I'm aware that wood movement may cause problems with my aluminum splines in the future, but for now I think it looks cool, and it made for a fun build experience/experiment.

I don't claim any expertise in making boxes. I would consider this more of an experimental art project and a skill-building exercise. However, if you want to see some really impressive box-making videos, check out Marty Backe's YouTube channel:
He goes into more detail on process and technique, and is more qualified to teach the material than I am.

Thanks for taking the time to watch (and to read this).


"Metanoia (Instrumental)" by Razbaque Dirge
Used with permission from the composer