Box Jointed Cement & Walnut USB Hub | #USBHubChallenge inspired by Giaco Whatever

This USB Hub challenge was inspired by a project where Giaco Whatever made a USB hub cast in cement, and the video was met with a lot of criticism. A number of fellow YouTube makers, led by Michael Lawing, decided to get together and make our own Giaco-inspired USB hub projects as a show of support, and to show how much good can happen by sharing even a small idea with the community.

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For me, this was a fun opportunity to get creative and experiment with some new materials and techniques. I got to plan out, sketch, and model my idea, experiment with the concept, and make it happen. The cement parts were cast in molds made from MDF and packaging tape, placed down on a sheet of glass I salvaged from an old scanner. I need more practice with my router, having blown out some chunks of my walnut, and my first time cutting mortises resulted in some blowouts as well. Thankfully the outside turned out good enough that I didn't have to start over. I learned a lot from this build, and I hope it inspires you to get out and try making something yourself.

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